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Click Here to See KidsFest in Action!
Click the Pic to See KidsFest in Action!


This unique summer day camp is offered to all kids entering first through sixth grade. For one incredible week long funfest, your child will be part of a team of ten to twelve kids of the same age and gender. Each team is cared for and mentored by two KidsFest leaders. These high school and college leaders have a love for kids and spend a week in training in preparation for their summer experience. In addition, hundreds of adult volunteers invest themselves to provide support and lead the individual KidsFest activities.

Imagine the energy for over 450 kids and their 90 leaders all gathered in one place at one time with one goal in mind. That's the experience at Club. Each weekday morning and afternoon begins and ends with all of the teams together in a Gym that has been transformed with lights, sound and stage. Club brings a high-energy experience led by the KidsFest Band, followed by a ridiculously fun and interactive skit, lead by comical characters that take them on a weeklong journey to creatively learn biblical principles. From there, the day is filled with a variety of activities including paintball, archery, sports, water fun, crafts, Bible stories, 24' Climbing Wall, 30' Water Slide and much, much more.

KidsFest gives kids the opportunity to interact with a small group of peers, develop skills to work together as a team and understand how much they are valued both by God and by others. It is a positive, life-impacting experience not to be missed.

KidsFest '15 Camp Dates
          Week 1: July 12-19
          Week 2: July 19-26
          Week 3: July 26 - August 2

*Discounts are applied for families with more than one child participating
  and are already applied to early bird pricing.

30 More Minutes of Fun Each Day!
          Camp now ends at 3:30 pm Monday through Friday! 

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          Click here for additional details about KidsFest.
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