Worship Center Update (February 2019)


The Orchard Hill Worship Center in Wexford (completed in 1997) was purposely designed as a concert/performance hall. From the orientation of the room, to the high ceilings, to the massive stage, it was perfect for performance events with an audience of eight hundred to 1300. It was built with the mindset of that time to let people sit back anonymously, in the dark, and enjoy excellent music and great presentations. The hope was that people would stay long enough to hear the message of Jesus. This idea was very successful for a good run, but today the expectation of people coming to church is different.

Over the last ten years, Orchard Hill has made efforts to modify the content of the weekend service, but the physical space remains an obstacle to meeting one of our main tenants; to create a welcoming, culturally relevant space for new and current families to worship together in community over the next twenty years. We expect to achieve this through the following:

  • Technical, acoustical and aesthetic changes to the Worship Center to improve the ability to hear people around you sing during worship.

  • Modify the stage opening to bring focus to the front and foster connection between the audience and those on stage.

  • Improve the configuration of the room to support smaller audience sizes.

  • Update and replace the aging technical systems, many of which have been in service for 15-20 years.

The Worship Center Planning Committee has been hard at work to make these updates a reality. Currently the Committee is awaiting the architectural plans. Once these are finalized, renovations can begin! Watch for more information as the project progresses.