Wexford & Strip District Construction Update (April 2019)

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The Worship Center project is moving along. There are changes in the stage layout, proscenium, walls that hold the projection screens, a new configuration for the chairs, changes to the side areas, removed stair cases and production booth in the back.

All these modifications are designed to increase the flexibility of the room making it work for 400 or 1000 people.

In addition, there has been a lot of work going into acoustics. New ceiling panels at the proper heights, side and back wall panels, sound bounce from floor options, and more. Picking the right acoustical treatments in conjunction with the new audio system is critical to the project.

While all these details take time to coordinate, the approach is to get it right, over get it done fast.

Over the next two months, material selection, pricing options and continuing architectural design, will continue with the goal of creating a Worship Center for today and the next generation.

Strip District

We are in the home stretch for the Saint Elizabeth renovation. This past week was a rush to get the rooftop heater fired up so that the oak flooring could acclimate and get installed. The plumbing and electrical team is working on all the finishes so that an occupancy inspection can be in handed before Easter.

The Strip District Campus is set to move into the space as soon as we are able. We have a couple weeks of our own work to prepare the space and hope to announce a mid May grand opening soon!

Check out some of the construction pictures below!