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If ... Then (Easter 2019)

Dr. Kurt Bjorklund looks at several "If... Then" statements about the resurrection and about how the scriptures show us the impact that it had on the believers at the time and on Christianity moving forward.

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Satisfaction in 2019

The Rolling Stones had a song entitled “I can’t get no satisfaction.” What the song implies is probably what many of us feel on a consistent basis: try as we might, much of life leaves us feeling unsatisfied!

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New Year's Resolutions

I write this blog from a condo on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico. Do not be too jealous. I’ll spend New Year's Day driving my family of five 988 miles. I promised myself I would not make New Year’s Resolutions this year. That’s cliché. Instead, I came up with 4 things that I am resolving to do in 2019.

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