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Ask a Pastor Ep. 33 - Trusting the Bible, Evil/Suffering, Christianity

This episode our Senior Pastor, Dr. Kurt Bjorklund, talks with Co-director of Women's Ministry and Life Stage Leader, JoAnn Adams about how we can trust the bible, why a good God would allow evil and suffering in the world, and what makes Christianity different from other religions.

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What is the Bible?

GPS gives direction, guides you turn by turn, tells you if you make a wrong turn, recalculates your route, won’t leave you stranded, (typically) takes you all the way to your destination. For the Christ follower, the Bible is like a GPS. It provides direction, and if followed, can lead you to God’s intended destination.

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Thomas Jefferson is Not Jesus

Jefferson was a student of multiple religions. He loved the moral teachings of Jesus but believed the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) were filled with fabrications created by zealous followers to enhanced Jesus’ reputation.

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