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Notre Dame Pales in Comparison to God's True Temples

All eyes have been on Paris this week, with the devastating fire that has recently destroyed much of the Notre Dame Cathedral. As significant as the cathedral has been for nearly 800 years, this unfortunate event serves as a reminder that our hope does not reside in a building or objects regarded a “holy”.

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My Love/Hate Relationship with the Netflix show Tidying Up

I’m currently in the throes of a love/hate relationship with the Netflix show, Tidying Up. The question that was nagging me was this: if I’m willing to upturn every square corner of my home because of a TV show, will I be equally convinced to do the same to my daily calendar based on the truth I find in the Bible?

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What Makes Us Human?

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a technology summit here in Pittsburgh. The purpose of the summit was to examine the effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on humanity and the theme this year was, “What Makes Us Human?”

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