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Following Jesus #1 - In the Way of Humility

Dr. Kurt Bjorklund kicks off the new message series, Following Jesus, with examples from John 13 which might impede a person from becoming a Christ follower.

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Righteousness and Humility

Righteousness. It is our calling and God’s standard. As we progress in our faith, as God changes and transforms our hearts and minds to conform into His image, we can begin to become proud of our own righteousness.

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How Chester A. Arthur Helped Me with Persistent Anxiety

Those of us who battle anxiety are involved in a power struggle with ourselves. Anxiety drives us to gain control over our world. But as we grasp the truth that even the struggles of life are inexplicably in the hands of a good, kind, loving, Sovereign God, we can relax our grip on the desire to control all the variables.

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