Government of the Church


Role - Elders have ultimate responsibility for overseeing and governing church affairs including maintenance of doctrine, financial oversight, stewardship of resources, church discipline and protection of the church and its members. The Elders, as led by the Holy Spirit, seek God's purpose, mission, vision and values for the church to function. According to the Bible, this is a shepherding role performed with loving pastoral care and a humble servant attitude.

Qualifications - The Elder position is filled by male individuals, 25 years of age or older, who have been a member of Orchard Hill Church for at least two years. Each Elder will satisfy the requirements of and be held accountable to the biblical standards applicable to Elders as described in the New Testament and adopted by the Board. The Senior Pastor is also a member of the Board of Elders.

Terms of Office - The Board consists of six to nine elected positions. Elders serve for a term of three years and no Elder serves for more than two consecutive terms. An individual who has served two consecutive terms must remain off the Board of Elders and Board of Servant Leaders for at least one year before being eligible to serve again as an Elder or Servant Leaders.

Servant Leader

Role - Servant Leaders advise and assist the Elders in the management of church affairs, share specific talents and represent the breadth of the ministries of the church. They meet regularly with the Elders to provide input, support, wisdom and expertise in nearly every facet of church functions.

Qualifications - The Board of Servant Leaders is comprised of at least three male or female members of Orchard Hill Church. Each Servant Leader must satisfy the requirements and standards established by the Board of Elders.

Terms of Office - The number of Servant Leaders is determined by the Board of Elders. Each member of the Board of Servant Leaders shall be elected for a term of three years.

Nomination and Election

A Nominating Committee comprised of at least three members, no more than one-third of whom may be current elders, of Orchard Hill Church will recommend at least one qualified person for each Elder/Servant Leader position, which is due to expire. The Board reviews the recommendations and selects one candidate for each Elder/Servant Leader, which is due to expire.

The slate of candidates approved by the Board is posted at Orchard Hill Connect for two consecutive weekends immediately preceding the Annual Meeting of the members of Orchard Hill Church. During the congregational Annual Meeting, the attending members of Orchard Hill Church will elect or refuse each person presented by the Nominating Committee.

Biblical Qualifications

Elders are chosen on the basis of clearly defined spiritual qualifications of leadership that have been previously exhibited in their lives. These qualifications are described in the Scriptures. Two passages that clearly define these qualifications are:

1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.

These verses teach the following guidelines of personal and spiritual characteristics to be identified in the life of the Elders and Servant Leaders.

  • Free from the Love of Money
  • Manage own Household Well
  • Not a New Christian
  • Good Reputation with Outsiders
  • Not Self-willed
  • Love what is Good
  • Just
  • Devout
  • Holding Fast to God's Word
  • Above Reproach
  • Husband of One Wife
  • Temperate
  • Sensible
  • Dignified
  • Hospitible
  • Able to Teach
  • Not Addicted to Wine
  • Not Violent or Quick-tempered
  • Not Quarrelsome