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Throughout life, one embarks on a faith journey and life events are a significant change that occurs on that journey. Here at Orchard Hill, we believe it is important to honor these life events through infant baptism or dedication, believer baptism, first communion, weddings and the passing of one’s life.


Infant Baptism & Dedication

At Orchard Hill, we practice both baptism and dedication for children. Parents can choose, based on your own theological conviction, whether to have your child baptized or dedicated.

Baptism - Baptism for children is celebrated through sprinkling as a sign and seal of a Covenant Relationship.

Dedication - In Dedication, parents bring their children before the Lord as an act of worship and commitment – a time to publicly declare a desire to raise children in such a way that they come to a point of personal faith. 

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The next Infant Baptism/Dedication is on May 5. The Pre-Baptism and Dedication meeting is on April 23 at 7:00 in the Lower Room. Registration deadline is April 19.

Questions/Concerns: Contact Cindy Adams at 724.935.7602 or


Believer baptism

In Matthew 28, Jesus gives the great commission to his disciples commanding them to "go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." Here at Orchard Hill, we celebrate Christians making the decision to publicly display their faith. For children, we practice both baptism and dedication. Parents can choose, based on your own theological conviction, whether to have your child baptized or dedicated. Click below for interest forms.

For the next Believer Baptism, please contact Cindy Adams at 724.935.7602 or, or fill out the form below.


first Communion

First Communion is a celebration of a child’s first experience receiving communion as they remember Christ and His sacrifice for them. Children in grades 2nd - 5th grade are invited to participate. Our Pastoral and Kids' Ministry Staff will walk with you and your child through a preparatory season leading up to Communion Sunday. We provide the following learning experiences to prepare your child for this sacrament: two parent/child meetings, three weeks of Biblical teaching in Kidzburgh and take home materials. The goal of this preparatory season is to help you and your child to discern if your child is ready to participate in this special milestone of faith.
Contact Emily Roberts with any questions.


Weddings are a special moment in a couple’s life. It is a spiritual celebration where the couple seeks God’s blessing on the marriage. Orchard Hill Church is pleased to partner with you as you prepare for this important step in your life. Please download the wedding brochure for details.


Funerals and memorial services

Losing a loved one is so difficult. Orchard Hill supports families and individuals by providing a loving and caring atmosphere where people can turn in times of crisis.

Contact for funerals and memorials.