Tech Team


What is the Tech Team?



The Technical Team is made up of a group of passionate volunteers from all ages and backgrounds who help support the weekend services. While members of the Worship Arts team feel at home on stage, the tech team comfortably serves from the shadows in equally as important roles. The great part is that no previous experience is required! New members are given hands on training to any position of their choosing. All that’s required is a sense of adventure and passion to serve our community, while gaining an appreciation for our services from a new perspective.

Serving Specifics

Unlike other serving areas at Orchard Hill, Tech Team members serve once a month for all three services on the weekend. This not only gives volunteers a chance to practice and familiarize themselves with the service at rehearsal, but keeps consistency in the team from service to service.

Saturday start times vary based on position from 3:30 pm to 4 pm and ends at 7 pm (end of service). Sunday start time is 8am for rehearsal and ends after the 2nd service (around 12:15-12:20 pm).

There are also opportunities to serve in the chapel, with a start time of 8 am and ending at the conclusion of that service (around 10:40 am).

Schedules are set 1 month at a time, allowing for flexibility based on availability.



Jim Holmam
Serving for 5 Years

“From the outside looking in, tech serving may seem as if it may be limited to people with technical experience. I can tell you, although I have a technical vocation, I learned all tech team serving position skills and responsibilities “on the job” through both staff and servant trainers. This training process has built wonderful friendships and bonds between myself and the other team members as well as members of the worship arts team. I think this is a common factor within all serving teams. In serving God through OHC, we fulfill His ministry plan and at the same time bond with our brother and sister servants growing our faith.”


Samantha McClelland
Serving for 2 Years

“When I first joined Orchard Hill, I began serving as a way to get more connected with other members and as an opportunity to give back to the church. Over the past couple years with tech team, I have not only learned a lot of new things but have met so many wonderful friends, it's been such a fun way to get more involved! Serving at the church has been an amazing way to not only connect with others but deepen my faith as well at a place that has truly grown to feel like home.”


Bryan Kroh
Serving for 3 Years

“Not being one to naturally make connections, serving on the tech team has given me an environment and a purpose to make relationships with people I would otherwise likely let be strangers. With the church being so large it can sometimes feel like it's not "mine" to belong to. Serving yields experiences that give me a sense that I am truly a part of the composition of the services. More fun, more laughs, and more life takeaways are had when you serve!”


Beginner Positions

(positions you can jump into with ZERO experience!)


Production Assistant

Located in the front row & seated next to the speakers of the service. Cues speakers to go on stage, moves props for the message, and keeps track of backup microphones.


Video Stream Operator

This position monitors our Facebook Live streams and adds details to the stream we send to the locations.


Camera Operators

Up to 4 cameras are running at each service, each with their own point of view and things to look for throughout the service.


Prompter & Graphics Operator

These 2 positions run slides for song lyrics and message graphics on a program called “ProPresenter” (aka the PowerPoint of the church tech world!).


Lighting Operator

This person follows along a list of cues that are pre-programed throughout the week to advance the lighting for the worship songs & transitions through videos and speaking.


Advanced Positions

(positions that require a longer period of training)


Lighting Designer

Learn the basic aspects & functionality of both the lights and the lighting console. Typically, this will involve spending time with one of our designers learning and observing and then putting that knowledge into practice. Once comfortable, designers can spend 2-4 hours a week before services to pre-program their lighting show.


Audio Engineer

Learn the basics of sound, as well as the nuances of mixing a live service with the aid of training videos and hands on rehearsal experience. Would be encouraged to attend Wednesday evening rehearsals to help set up the band that week and get prepared for the weekend.


Video Director

This roll is responsible for live directing the in-room cameras at the Wexford campus. Potential candidates will shadow current directors to learn methodology behind technical decisions and basic functionality of video switching equipment.