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What Do You Long For?

Many of our deepest cries of the heart are universal longings for happiness, control, or a longing when we are hurt or sad. In this series, we will explore the ancient wisdom of the first 7 Psalms and discover what we can do with the cries of our hearts.


Help bring clean water to Haiti with the "In for Thirty" campaign. 

Bad water is a lead cause of death and disease in this country. Something as simple as diarrhea from bad water and sanitation causes more deaths in kids under 5 than HIV, measles and malaria combined. 

 A gift of $30 per month for one year will fund a mini water treatment system and change the lives of the people attending our church and the surrounding community of Caracol.

Click to contribute to the cause by selecting "Eleos Haiti" as the giving type and putting "In For Thirty" as the memo.

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