Kidzburgh partners with parents to help children understand who God is and what it means to have a life-long relationship with Him. 



  • Kidzburgh opens 15 minutes before weekend services.

  • The Gym opens 15 minutes before each service for elementary ages.

  • Kidzburgh uses The Gospel Project for Kids curriculum which teaches through the entire Bible with a weekly focus on Jesus. Kids who regularly attend Kidzburgh develop a biblical foundation for who God is, how He saves them, their value to God, and their mission in His family.

  • New to Kidzburgh? Stop by the Kidzburgh Desk - located on the right near the main entrance. A volunteer will greet you and offer you a tour.

  • Secure Check-in: Each child has their own numbered security badge with a matching parent badge, which must be shown prior to picking up your child.

  • Volunteers & Staff: All Kidzburgh volunteers and staff members must complete a background check before serving and are trained on emergency procedures.

  • Allergies: To safely accommodate children with severe allergies, please do not send snacks with your child while they are in Kidzburgh.

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Newborns & Toddlers

  • Your child is in gentle, loving hands while you attend the service. Children are divided into one of two rooms depending on their unique stage of development.

  • The nursery is a quiet place with dim-lighting and rockers for babies and younger children who are not yet steady on their feet.

  • A safe zone for explorative toddlers and active two year-olds includes a place for creative play.

  • Infant Baptism and Dedication taking place November 25.


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  • Your inquisitive preschooler will begin to learn the basics of the Gospel: God made the world, there is brokenness in our heart, and Jesus is the only Savior.

  • We use a mixture of focused play, activities, teaching, song, and dance.

Elementary Aged Kids

  • Kids spend time in large groups to learn through focused games, worship, and creative teaching and activities.

  • Kids spend time in small groups to get to know each other, discuss the Bible and apply it to their lives.


Infant Baptism/Dedication

At Orchard Hill, we practice both baptism and dedication for children. Parents can choose, based on your own theological conviction, whether to have your child baptized or dedicated.

Baptism for children is celebrated through sprinkling as a sign and seal of a Covenant Relationship, including the child in the Covenant Community of God. Baptism is a means of extending grace with the hope that saving faith will follow as the child grows and matures in their own relationship with God. Parents, family members, friends and the congregation make vows to raise the child until the day that the child can make his or her own profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

In Dedication, parents bring their children before the Lord as an act of worship and commitment – a time to publicly declare a desire to raise children in such a way that they come to a point of personal faith. 

Children who are baptized or dedicated as infants or young children may choose, when they are older, to be baptized through the sacrament of Believer Baptism.

Learn more about our baptism beliefs.

Complete this form for a child who you would like to schedule for an Infant Baptism or Dedication during one of the two weekend services on May 5.
Registration deadline is April 19.
The Pre-Baptism and Dedication meeting is on April 23 at 7:00 in the Lower Room.

Questions/Concerns: Contact Cindy Adams at 724.935.7602 or

Kids Events


For one incredible week long fun-fest, kids experience a unique summer day camp that they will long remember! For kids entering first through sixth grade. Programming is identical for all three weeks. KidsFest provides kids with a welcoming, safe, and unforgettable camp, while experiencing the truths of the Word of God. This unique day camp has impacted the lives of children for 30 years by providing opportunities to explore and engage in a variety of fun-filled activities as they learn that they are valued both by God and others.

2019 Dates

Week 1: Sunday, July 7 - Friday, July 12
Week 2: Sunday, July 14 - Friday, July 19
Week 3: Sunday, July 21 - Friday, July 26