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Haiti is a Caribbean nation of nearly 11 million people. It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Half of the population lives on less than $1 per day and 80% less than $2. It has lived under the dark shadows of slavery, corrupt dictatorships, oppression and poverty. The people of Haiti have suffered through broken political systems, government coups, gang violence, looting, lawlessness, disease epidemics, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, landslides and squalor. But in the midst of all this darkness, there is hope and light. God is moving in powerful ways, one life at a time.

For 2 decades Orchard Hill has been helping the people of Haiti to find and follow Jesus. Caring for both the physical and spiritual needs of communities in Haiti, Orchard Hill has helped share the light of God’s love in the middle of great darkness.

As our work in Haiti continues, our projects may change, but our mission stays the same. It is to give hope, to give care, to show love, and impact lives. It is to help the whole person - mind, body, and soul. And, most importantly, to help people find and follow Jesus Christ.


How You Can Help



Help provide financial support and opportunities for the church in Caracol, KidsFest Haiti, medical mission trips, and emerging projects.



Donate a pair of new or used eyeglasses and provide vision for people in need.

A donation box will be in the lobby starting August 24-25.



Pray for the mission in Haiti.

Pray that people in Haiti would find and follow Jesus Christ, would be cared for, loved, and impacted for the better.


To contribute monetarily, click the link below, select Eleos Haiti as the Giving Type and specify in the Memo line.


Ministries in Haiti

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The Church EBECA

Partnering with Pastor Saint-Ange and Hope Baptist Church of Cap Haitien, we have a church plant in Caracol. The Elders of Hope Baptist oversee the day to day operations of the new church and Orchard Hill provides financial support and opportunities to engage the surrounding community through outreach events such as KidsFest, Medical Clinics, Soccer programs, etc.

The Church EBECA (Église Baptiste d’Élus Caracol), celebrated their one year anniversary on Easter Sunday 2017 and has already had a strong impact in the community. We look forward to a long relationship with these churches in Haiti and wait prayerfully to see what God will do there.

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KidsFest Haiti

A team from Orchard Hill helps recreate the KidsFest experience by providing a high quality, biblical day camp for 300 Haitian children who do not have access to other Christ-centered activities. Much like KidsFest, children have the opportunity to experience a fun-filled week of singing, Bible stories, art and crafts, team time, games and much more. Led by Haitian leaders, children interact with small groups of kids their own age, develop skills to work together as a team, and understand how much they matter to God and others.

Campers from KidsFest support the KidsFest Haiti effort through their annual Campers-4-Campers giving campaign. Gifts collected each week will go directly towards off-setting the expenses to bring KidsFest to the children of Haiti.


Medical Mission Trips

Every year a medical mission team goes to Haiti to provide care for those in the community. Medical clinics are set up and ran on the church’s property. 75% of the population lacks central facilities for good health and prevention of water borne illnesses.

There is no medical health insurance or government safety nets in Haiti. People have to pay cash for treatment. Treatable diseases such as infections and intestinal parasites often ravage people and the suffering of many is incomprehensible. Typhoid, Cholera, and chronic diarrhea cause more than half of all deaths in Haiti.

Every dollar donated goes directly to Haiti and no gift is insignificant. For example, $0.08 can cure a child of intestinal parasites, $0.50 can provide new reading glasses, less than $2 dollars can cure bacterial infection, and $8.50 provides annual medication. Through Orchard Hill, thousands who might have gone untreated experience healing and comfort, and not only do people receive treatment, they encounter Christians who love them and share the love of god with them.

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Haiti Water Project

The Problem
Worldwide 1.8 million children die every year from unclean water - 5,000 per day. Typhoid, Diarrhea & Other Water-Borne diseases are leading causes of deaths in Haiti each year. Infant death rate in Haiti is 57 per every 100 births - the largest factors are water and sanitation.

The Solution
Teaming up with Water Mission International, we installed a mini water treatment plant. Using a four stage treatment system with a capacity of 10,000 gallons per day, this system will change the health of the Caracol community.

This project was successfully funded from the Haiti In for Thirty campaign in 2018 where families pledged $30/month for one year.



Kevin Cotter
Director of Operations

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