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Our Mission

 Helping People Find and Follow Jesus Christ


About Orchard Hill Church

Orchard Hill is an inter-denominational Christian church, located in the Pittsburgh area, where everyone is welcome. Whether you are a follower of Jesus Christ or you are still considering if God has a place in your life, this is a community where you can explore faith and the reality of Jesus Christ. 

Contact Information
2551 Brandt School Rd.
Wexford, PA 15090
(724) 935-5555

Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 
8:30 am – 5:00 pm

The office will be closed on the following dates:

  • November 28 & 29

  • December 25 & 26


Our Story

In the 1980's, a handful of people responded to the many around them who were without a church home - the people who thought that God had no relevance in their world. The founders made a commitment to look at church from a new perspective and wanted to connect people who had become disillusioned with church to the truth of God's love.

As a result, these people chose to invest their lives to develop a contemporary biblical community in a modern-day world, a community that would be relevant in today's culture while teaching the timeless truths of the Bible. This community began with 54 founding members who built far more than a structure. They began a new kind of church. On May 6, 1989, over 400 people attended the opening of Orchard Hill Church.

Today, over 3,000 people call Orchard Hill their church home. A second location is open in the Strip District of downtown Pittsburgh and a third location in Butler County. Through ministries for adults, students, and kids, this is a place to discover the Bible on your own level and at your own pace. Through a commitment to community and Life Groups, Orchard Hill is a place where you can connect with others in a way that is comfortable for you. No matter what you believe about God or what you think about church, you are welcome here.

The purpose of Orchard Hill Church remains the same - to present the message of Jesus Christ and His grace that brings about transformation from the inside out.

As a community committed to being authentic followers of Jesus Christ, we agree to:

  • Show Up - Participate in worship as a community by regularly attending Weekend Worship.

  • Grow Up - Mature in our personal spiritual journey by participating in a Life Group.

  • Step Up - Offer ourselves to God by serving, inviting and giving.

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As you explore your personal faith in Jesus Christ, it's significant to know what you believe and why you believe it. As you consider becoming part of a local church, it is important to understand basic doctrinal statements, how those statements align with the Bible and what accountability is in place to protect the integrity of the church community. The end result is not a list of rules and rituals, but an understanding that a living God has given His very life in order to have a relationship with you in a very personal way.

  • We believe there is one God who exists as a trinity: Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.

  • We believe humans are born sinful and condemned and cannot save themselves. Humans have a soul that will live eternally either with perfect joy in heaven or complete despair in hell.

  • We believe Jesus Christ is the only one who can save us by being our substitute: He lived the perfect life that we are unable to live and He died the death that we deserve to die.

  • We believe the Church is God's chosen means to accomplish His work in the world and the followers of Jesus Christ should be the embodiment of Jesus in and to the world.

  • We believe Jesus will come again to establish and reign in a new heaven and new earth.

  • We believe God rules with sovereignty over the universe and human affairs and we are graciously reformed, emphasizing the work of God in salvation. We are Gospel-centered emphasizing that a Christian's standing is not based on what we do, but what Jesus Christ has done.